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I live and love on Selah Farm -- a hobby homestead nestled in the beautiful mountains of western NC. With Bill, my husband of 32 years, and our three "born-in-our-hearts" children and several grandchildren, we raise a variety of animals. I love books, movies and music that make me cry.

I ask daily to have eyes and ears wide open that I might experience the wonders of God's Word and His created world.

Taking Spirit-breathed ideas and framing them with words is my passion.

Living Jesus is my highest aim.

Maureen Miller

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“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever” (Isaiah 40:8 NIV). I knew I had the photograph somewhere, so I breathed a prayer—“Help me find it, Lord.” Not sure why it was so important, but it was. *******…

Elizabeth’s Song

***This story was posted previously, though slightly different. Revised, I’d submitted it for the 2022 Serious Writer / Write-to-Publish ‘Almost an Author’ contest, and it won 1st place for fiction. I love Elizabeth’s story for many reasons but particularly because God answered her long-awaited dream…

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