Twenty-nine years ago today, the door of possibility was flung open wide and we walked through with faith.
In that time, our faith has been tested, just as it is for all of those who choose to say, “I do” — knowing full well there will come times in life when one or the other might prefer to say, “I don’t…”
“I don’t like that decision.”
“I don’t like your attitude.”
“I don’t like that habit.”
Maybe even…
“I don’t particularly feel that I like you at this moment.”
Truth is, we’ve both felt this way from time to time.
But the truth is also that we always love…
In our decisions.
In our attitudes.
In our habits.
Yes, even when we don’t feel we like the other momentarily.
The “I don’t” times are when faith is tested and where it grows.
Getting through them and discovering the beauty that has blossomed because of them — deeper commitment, richer memories, and many times, some pretty good laughs — make those moments more valuable.
They’re often what have taken us higher, where we’ve looked back after the clouds have lifted to see just how far we’ve come.
And we’ve come so far, you and I.
For all those times when one of us or both might have said, “I don’t…” we’ve said a thousand times more, “I do…”
“I do agree…”
“I do concede…”
“I do feel afraid, but I trust you…”
“I do see truth in what you’re saying…”
“I do view this differently, but I honor your choice…”
And, Bill, I do still choose you.
I do still commit to see Life through with you.
I do still love you…
A million times, I DO!
Happy anniversary!
Let’s open the door today and see what’s waiting for us in the coming year.
Though WE DON’T know what lies ahead, WE DO walk together, and that’s what enables me to faithfully take the next step.
And so, I do.