When we were kids, we used to dream. (We didn’t know then that, sometimes, there’s a cost to dreaming.)
“When I have a son one day, I want to name him Troy,” you’d said.
Troy — the name of the kid that had been a bully… had treated you unkindly. The kid that your mom invited over and to whom you extended love and mercy and kindness. Who became your friend.
Well, by the time our dream(s) DID come true and we had sons (and later, a daughter), you never mentioned the name Troy again. I don’t remember it even being in the mix when we discussed boys’ names. By then, we were prayerful more than dreamy — desiring names that held significance beyond just our preference.
Well, today — on Father’s Day — I want to remind you again that Troy actually DOES hold significance, and although our children don’t bear this name, it stands for who YOU are —
A man of character.
A man of kindness… forgiveness.. mercy.
A man of compassion.
Ian Miller, Jacob Miller and Allie are blessed to call you their father… even better, their daddy.
Besides a boys’ name, the word TROY is “a system of weights used to measure precious metals and gems.”
And I think that’s amazing!
The significance — breathtaking!
Symbolically, TROY — which signifies your dream — daily holds you accountable in your role as a father, as you assess the worth of your children, each precious beyond measure… and as you give thanks for the Gifts they each are to you… to me… to US!
And from your dreams of long ago, you’ve grown to be a wonderful father, a man of character, an example for your three and many others who look to you for help and for healing.
So, here’s to TROY — remembering with you again today!
Happy Daddy-of-our-Children’s Day!
Love you so!