The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold (Psalm 119:72 — NLT).

We recently enjoyed the blessing of spending spring break on a Caribbean cruise. Bill, Allie and I enjoyed swimming with dolphins in Jamaica and horseback riding in Mexico.

For many, another favorite pastime is shopping — both on and off the ship. At each port of call, thousands flood into towns to spend their day taking advantage of the many deals advertising silver, gold and diamonds at low cost. Shopkeepers beckon to buyers from doorways, inviting them…

Come! See what we have for you inside. It’s the chance of a lifetime — a one time offer.

And many return to their ships at the end of the day — diamond rings on their fingers, silver bangles on their wrists or perhaps golden hoops hanging from their ears.

We didn’t buy much on this trip — aside from a few bottles of Mexican’s finest vanilla and some souvenirs for family back home. That’s not to say we’ve never taken advantage of deals while visiting foreign places. I have beautiful diamond earrings, for example — a gift from Bill, purchased some years ago while in St. Martin.

But this trip was more about collecting memories rather than memorabilia, and the activities were ones we’d hoped our almost 10-year old daughter would enjoy. Her smiles and laughter along the way were, to us, a sign of success.


One luxury Bill and I did enjoy was a massage. Stretched out on the table, hot stones on my back, I listened half-heartedly to New Age tunes that wafted through unseen speakers, floating into the lavender-scented room. I don’t know about others, but when I get a massage, I’m usually in a semiconscious state for almost the full hour — my mind and body are so relaxed.

Suddenly, as I lay half asleep, I heard a familiar song. Like the others, there were no lyrics sung, only music, and the instruments were the same. But this one I could’ve sung along to — accompanying the piano, pan flute and harp with a solo right there on the spa table.

The space was suddenly filled with praise, and although I’m not sure the sweet Filipino therapist was aware of any change, I prayed she felt it too. As the song played, my heart silently sang —

Lord, You are more precious than silver.

Lord, You are more costly than gold.

Lord, You are more beautiful than diamonds, 

And nothing I desire compares with You.

I could hardly believe my ears. This familiar praise and worship song from Integrity’s Hosanna! Music (1982) filled up the spa space in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, touching me more profoundly than any specialist’s finely trained hands possibly could — bringing deeper healing than money could ever buy.

I later wondered if I’d imagined it, and I wonder still — so out of place was that beautiful worship melody in the midst of what had been typical spa songs. But I cannot deny that, for four minutes or so, my soul sang praises to the One who truly is more precious than silver. More costly than gold. More beautiful than diamonds.

Nothing… nothing I desire compares with Him.

And on this Good Friday — more than a week and hundreds of miles away from this experience — I thank Him again for the sacrifice He made on the cross, which made it possible to draw near each and every day to the One my heart desires most.

He stands at the door of our hearts and beckons us to come — inviting us into His presence. It’s not a one time only deal. Because He died, we can LIVE — everyday!

One of the many ads for a diamond sale left in our stateroom one day.

Yes, Jesus — You are more precious than anything!