***Although this was written twenty years ago to honor my dad’s retirement from thirty years of work as a general surgeon in Miami County, Ohio, it applies not only to him but also to my dear husband who is also a compassionate physician and wonderful husband and father to our three.***

Allie (and our sons Ian and Jacob) and I desire to wish our “doctor” daddies a very happy Father’s Day. We’re beyond grateful for the love they give us, as well as the love they give — have given — to so many through the years as physicians. Each truly exemplifies our Great Physician in a hurting world desperately in need of compassion and kindness.

To Daddy, from Your Daughters (And Sons, Too)

Where shall I send this child of Mine? God asked Himself one day;

And into your very heart and home, I was sent your way.


God knew the perfect Daddy a child like me would need,

So into your life, as well as Mom’s, I was planted like a seed.


For the first months of my life, my home was in mama’s womb,

But you were very busy, preparing for me a room …


A special place just for me where I would laugh and coo,

And on the day that I was born, God handed me over to you.


With a smile, He said, Into your hands I place this little life.

And it was then you became “Daddy” and “Mommy”, no longer just “Husband” and “Wife.”


You brought me into your loving home, the place you’d made ready for me,

And so began our life together, a simple family of three.



I grew day by day and changed quite a bit over the next three years,

And when I was sad or afraid of the dark, you’d always comfort my fears.


Each day you helped me learn and grow, your love gave me wings to soar;

In no time at all, God chose you again, and we became a family of four.


God said, You’ve proved yourself more than able, a wonderful Daddy you are …

And so to you and to your wife, I give a second daughter.

We grew as a family, we grew in love, we grew in God’s endless grace,

And it was Him I saw each time I looked upon your face.


In your eyes I found security, in them I always found love;

Your life is an earthly example of our Father’s up above.


For just like God, you, too, worked hard at the job He’d called you to do;

You were His willing servant at home and in your workplace too.


God, the “Great Physician,” called you a doctor to be,

And in obedience you answered the call and followed Him faithfully.


Many an obstacle you would face as you made the dream come true,

But with God’s help along the way, “great physician” is the name He gave you.


Like Jesus who always saw the need, whether great or small,

You were given eyes to see and compassionately meet them all.


What makes you special is the love you show to anyone who comes your way;

You always reach out with kindness and mercy–no one do you turn away.



And though it’s true there’ve been some seasons when you weren’t home very much

We always knew you were doing His work with a compassionate touch.


The time that you spent with your family, though not always quantity

Was always special and filled with your love–you make it quality!


Our Dearest Daddy, we want you to know, before this day comes to a close

That many love you for all that you’ve done, but no one possibly knows …





Better than Mama, and siblings, and me that God made one thing true

And faithful and loving and kind and good

When He created YOU!